Taylor Lehn
Certified Life Coach and Sound Healer

For most of my adult life, a sense of unfulfillment had taken root within me, leaving me uncertain about the path I should follow in life. For the past three years, I have dedicated myself to studying and understanding how to break free from this stagnant state and discover my true purpose. Along this voyage of self-discovery, I have acquired a wealth of tools and techniques that have profoundly impacted my sense of wellbeing. By wholeheartedly applying these invaluable insights to my own life, I have found a career path that resonates with the very core of my being, providing me with a profound sense of fulfillment. It is with great enthusiasm and a genuine desire to empower others that I now share the fruits of my journey, enabling my clients to manifest the life they have always envisioned and deserve. If you resonate with my story and want to discover how we can work together, click the link in my bio and schedule your free discovery call today!

“There is a Voice That Doesn’t Use Words. Listen.” - Rumi

Thank you for your interest in Black Raven Coaching. I'm excited to hear from you and learn more about how I can support you on your journey. Whether you're looking to tap into your intuition or explore other aspects of personal or professional growth, I'm here to help. Please feel free to fill out the contact form below, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to connecting with you soon!