Small Group Sound Baths

Small Group Sound Baths

Indulge in a unique and intimate wellness experience designed to melt away stress, balance energy, and promote holistic harmony. The Private Small Group Sound Bath invites you and your companions to embark on a vibrational inner journey guided by the resonating frequencies of carefully selected quartz crystal sound bowls.

As a dedicated sound healing practitioner, I am thrilled to offer you the opportunity to bring the power of transformative sound healing to you and up to 5 of your friends. During each session, your group will indulge in a blissful 45-minute sound bath experience. As you comfortably sit or lay on the floor, resonant tones wash over you, melting away tension, dissipating stress, and evoking a profound sense of calm.

Tailored to meet your specific needs, these sessions can be conveniently scheduled at a tranquil location of your choice. Our experienced sound bath facilitator will design the session according to your preferences and the energy of the group. Whether you're seeking stress relief, emotional healing, or a profound meditative journey, the experience will be thoughtfully curated to meet your needs. Yoga mats, pillows, and blankets can be provided for your group of up to 6 people, ensuring maximum comfort and relaxation.

Treat yourself and your group to a unique and transformative experience that will leave you refreshed, renewed, and in harmony with your inner self.

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*Session location must be within a 20-mile radius of Denver.

**If your preferred location is outside the zone or your group includes more than 6 people, please contact me so that arrangements can be made to accommodate your request.


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